Nadi Zoetebier (?)


I offer : a drink in town, to show you around town, to show you the nightlife, to show you the local culture, to learn a language (Dutch), walking and...

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Robbert David Oudenaarde (37)

Hi, My name is Robbert and I understand the drifty feeling of travelers without cash. T...

I offer: Maybe a free place to stay....

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joining me in Amsterdam march -10
On: 06 February 2010 17:40
By: bashar_a_qodah
La Roux on 20th Feb in Amsterdam
On: 03 February 2010 11:18
By: Scott_Jones
Florence and the Machine 22nd Feb in Amsterdam
On: 03 February 2010 11:16
By: Scott_Jones
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Thibout van Beek (42)

I live in a not to small town in the centre of holland. th city is surrounded by water an...

I offer: we will seewe will see. You can eat several kindsof food and drinks...

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jonathan kraaikamp (32)


I offer free transport: car, bus , train, bicycle...

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cyntha rams (30)


I offer free information: about my country about my travels...

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jamal nabil rahil (49)


I offer: Free internet connection on my computer. Free wireless internet connection....

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