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About me
I'm quite well travelled, tho I don't fly, so far limited to Europe. I am intending to try to go to Egypt, via Turkey, Syria and Jordan next year. I live in beautiful Snowdonia in north Wales, with Hercules and MIchael, (my cats!!). I love travel, good company, red wine, funny people (ha ha not peculiar) pizza, cats,red wine, log fires, conversation, red wine, open minds. I'm not too keen on, pasta, white wine(unless its champers!),narrow minds, religious fundamentalists, sexists or racists. Did I mention I like red wine!!>

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Things serena has to offer:

Activities todo
I offer :
  • - lots of water sports and outdoor stuff in the area.
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Place to Sleep
I offer:
  • - Maybe a free place to stay.
  • - its quite possible, depending on my plans.
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Food or Drinks
  • - Some drinks.
  • - Some food.
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I offer free transport:
  • - I have no car, but bus is pretty reliable.
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I offer free information:
  • - About my home town.
  • - About my country.
  • - About my travels.
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serena's future travels and dreams:

No future Trips planned.